Lifestyle Medicine

Health risk behaviors are unhealthy behaviors you can change. Four of these health risk behaviors—lack of exercise or physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and drinking too much alcohol—cause much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases and conditions.” —Centers for Disease Control and Preventionpexels-photo-93826.jpeg

Lifestyle Medicine is about optimizing and maintaining health. Some people, when facing a medical condition, are content to treat with medicine.  This is an acceptable choice and, in some cases, the best choice.  Some, however, would like to go the extra step, working to avoid the medical condition altogether or to minimize the standard medical treatment they require.

Are you at risk?

  • Alabama Obesity is 36.3%- That is MORE than one in 3 adults

US adult population data from the CDC:

  • 9.4% are diabetic
  • 33.9% are prediabetic
  • 1 in 3 have high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • 1 in 3 are prehypertensive
  • For 95 million, total cholesterol levels are greater than 200mg/dl
  • Stroke–5th leading cause of death
  • 735,000 yearly heart attacks

There is hope!

  • 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and
  • 40% of cancers

Could be prevented WITHOUT the use of weight loss supplements, shots, calorie/carb/fat/protein counting or strenuous exercise by focusing on developing healthy habits in the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management

We can help prevent, reverse, or stabilize your chronic condition with our:

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Designed to help you:

  • Lose weight without strenuous exercise
  • Reduce pain and increase flexibility
  • Maximize your physical endurance
  • Decrease the medications you need
  • Lower your risks of future disease and disability
  • Or, something else entirely

The program is available as one-on-one sessions with Dr. McCleskey or affordable group classes.

The individualized sessions (prices vary) provide:

  • A detailed look at your health history
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Shop-with-a-Doc where Dr. McCleskey guides you through the pitfalls of advertising gimmicks at the local grocery store to reinforce healthy shopping habits
  • Referrals to ancillary specialties such as physical therapy, sleep studies, or nutrition science may be made
  • NOW AVAILABLE: Advanced Lipid lab testing

Our Classroom style program teaches you how to take control and improve your health by swapping unhealthy habits for life-enhancing ones. Included are:

• Eight weekly facilitated group sessions (2 hours in length) both live and video covering:
a. Change the Mindset
b. Mechanisms of Health Injury
c. What is Whole Food Plant Based Living
d. Replacing Unhealthy Choices
e. Genes and Jeans; What’s Move Got To Do With It?
f. Love the Gut Bugs
g. Eating Fast and on Budget
h. Lifestyle Factors
i. One instructional grocery store trip
• Cooking demonstrations during the weekly classes
• Worksheets
• Handouts
• Resources
• Two post-class 45-minute physician coaching sessions to be completed in 4 months
• 4 post-class (one per month) 15 min coaching weigh-ins for 4 months
• Unlimited free weigh-ins

While most find 6 months of support sufficient to improve their health, we recognize some individuals may require more than 6 months to implement all the necessary changes. We are still available to help with discounted rates.

Early bird pricing as well as discounts for additional family members are available.

You can view our upcoming classes and prices as well as other events on our Events page Here

  We strive to give you the ability and support to enhance your health.

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