We are more than happy to work with your insurance regarding send-out procedures such as labs and x-rays.  To allow us to focus on you rather than your insurance company, we do not accept insurance for our office visits.  For you this means:

  • Your private heath information will be shared with fewer individuals and entities.
  • Our office cannot “file insurance.”  A receipt will be provided should you wish to file with your insurance.  Please check with your insurance regarding their payment of out-of-network services.
  • Payment in full is due from the patient/guardian at the time of service.
  • Medicare patients will be required to sign a waiver stipulating their understanding that they cannot file for reimbursement of our fees from Medicare.
  • Unfortunately, Medicaid patients cannot be seen at this time.

Since we attempt to keep our costs low, we would like for you to see how our pricing is structured.  If you still have questions…

Call to schedule a FREE 15-minute Meet-and-Greet! (No medical advice will be dispensed at this visit.)

Lifestyle Medicine or Exam to evaluate for the appropriateness of OMT

For the first visit to the practice ONLY an additional $15-35 is added to the charges listed below.

  • Weigh-in /Blood Pressure only — Free
  • Level 1 visit…$50        Example: A 10-minute Lifestyle Medicine Follow-up consult, or a simple one area complaint evaluation exam for OMT
  • Level 2 visit…$80        Example: A 20-minute Lifestyle Medicine Follow-up consult or simple two area complaint or one complex area evaluation exam for OMT
  • Level 3 visit …$110     Example: A 30-minute Lifestyle Medicine Follow-up consult or complex two area complaint exam for OMT
  • Level 4 visit …$145     Example: A 40-minute Lifestyle Medicine Follow-up consult or complex multi-area complaint exam for OMT
  • Level 5 visit …$180     Example: A 50-minute Lifestyle Medicine Follow-up consult
  • complex multi area complaint exam for OMT
  • Telephone Calls after 5 pm, before 9 am, and on weekends and holidays…$10-$45 depending on length and complexity
  • Visits not cancelled 24 hours before appointment time…$75

If Osteopathic Manipulation is recommended to treat a problem(s) presented during your office visit, additional charges for that service are as follows:

  • 1-2 Areas…$65
  • 3-4 Areas…$100
  • 5-6 Areas…$135
  • 7-8 Areas…$165
  • 9-10 Areas…$185

All pricing subject to change without notice. If applicable, additional fees for labs, procedures, and other services will apply. We will be happy to provide a quote upon request.

We will be happy to order labs in a manner that your insurance provider is billed if this is an option.  Otherwise lab prices are available prior to lab draws.

Lifestyle Medicine class visit pricing available on the Events Page Here

Additional learning activities will also be offered at rates from $0-$80.

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